View a web-based chalk talk on how to cut OPEX and increase efficiencies by virtualizing your SMTP Backbone
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Presenter: Greg Olsen, Director Sendmail, Inc.

During this informative 45-60 minute session you will learn how to streamline your email infrastructure and:

•    Reduce energy consumption by up to 60%
•    Increase server utilization rates
•    Remove redundancy
•    Consolidate servers
•    Reduce the time it takes to provision new email server configurations

Sendmail’s Greg Olsen explores the steps required for modernizing your messaging infrastructure through virtualization of the SMTP backbone. He will guide the audience through the pain points of today’s information technology executive, including the grim details of how multiple domains, groupware systems and redundant servers make it difficult to manage multiple mail systems and explain why the inefficient use of servers to fight the on-sought of spam/malware should be changed.

Greg shares use cases and best practice examples to illustrate the increased efficiencies and cost reductions enterprise organizations can achieve from investing in a modernized messaging infrastructure running in a virtual environment – and ultimately encourage information technology executives to wake up and smell the benefits of what a modern messaging infrastructure can do for their companies in the long and short term.